What I can do for you:

+ Residential design, custom, contemporary and unique
+ Commercial design including restaurants, store fronts, offices ect.
+ Space programming (coordination of function, intent, aesthetic and regulations)
+ Site layout (coordination of intent, natural conditions and regulations)
+ Construction CAD drawings, floor plans, section, elevations
+ Detail drawings
+ 3D modeling
+ Building documentation (measurement, as-is drawings, photos)
+ Sustainable material and systems, research and recommendations
+ Building permit documents
+ Heat-loss calculation (rescheck)

addition, sustainability, Wisconsin

remodel, sustainability, landscape, WI

addition, remodel, landscape, WI

new construction, energy efficient, WI

1200sf residence, concept, Wisconsin

addition, energy efficient, Wisconsin

new construction, energy efficiency,, Germany

addition, remodel, energy efficient, WI

new construction, energy efficient, WI

addition, landscape, Wisconsin

hospital addition, sustainability, Germany (while with RRP-architects)

1600sf residence, energy efficient, WI

1600sf residence,energy efficient, WI

4 bedroom, habitat residence, WI

1800sf residence, energy efficient, WI