SpaceGrower – virtual and real

I am interested in seeing people and places thrive.
I love nature and do my best not to hurt her.
I have seen a bit of the world, learned a few things and I am curious to learn more.
I am excited to find out how things work and I am delighted to share what I know.

If you want your house to be a special place . . .
If you want your store to be inviting . . .
If you want your product to shine . . .
. . . we should talk

My background:
Born, raised and educated in Bavaria – a beautiful part of Germany.
Professional degrees in architecture and interior architecture.
Architectural license for Wisconsin, credential #9657-005
LEED accredited

My professional experience in Germany and the US allowed me to be involved in architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and institutional clients with an emphasis on environments - healthy for body and soul.
I was able to experience projects of small and larger scale.
I wore all essential hats – designer, producer, production coordinator and onsite ‘watchdog’.
My career branched out into book illustrations and illustrations for promotional materials.
Web design developed naturally from these interests.
I have mentored students and taught classes within the Wisconsin University system and at
Taliesin (the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture)

Monika Herrmann, Architect LEED a.p.

Menomonie, WI USA
Telefon: (715) 231-6174

Haibach, Germany
Telefon: +49 9961 9110-59